10 Absolute Worst Things About Being Gluten Free At Christmas

Tis the season to be glutened, tra la la la *parp* la la la la.

Eat, drink, and be merry - that's what Christmas is all about, isn't it? That all changes when you can't physically eat gluten. It's not that the festive season is cancelled simply because you can't gobble up a turkey dinner due to it being drowned in gluten-laden gravy; it's just that everything is a little bit more awkward. There's festive GF alternatives for Celiacs and those with gluten intolerances; as more and more supermarkets stock up on mince pies, Christmas puddings and even advent calendars - but you'll probably be paying twice as much for them. And let's be fair, they're not half as good as the normal stuff. Still, the gluten monster can't stop us from feeling all Christmassy inside (unless it finds a way into our intestines) and if you're missing out on all the sexy Yuletide yums - remember - you can still have mulled wine.
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