10 Astounding World War 2 Facts You Didn't Know

You can't learn everything about WWII from Call of Duty and Band of Brothers.

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The second World War was waged from 1939 to 1945 and had long-lasting ramifications that the world is still feeling today. It is one of the oldest wars to still have living veterans who fought in it.

Numerous video games, films, TV shows, and even board games have been produced detailing the exploits of the soldiers on both sides of the conflict. Not to mention the atrocities committed during that timespan, of which the Doolittle Raid, Nanjing Massacre, and of course the Holocaust are only a few one could name. War is a pretty rough thing to be involved in, after all.

Most people who have even glanced at a history book in the last half a century know at least the basics about this time period. Perhaps they've spoken to someone who was alive back then? But in a war that lasted over six years and involved over a hundred different nations and over 300 million soldiers worldwide, there's no shortage of information that you may have missed in your studies.

So here's ten little-known facts you might find interesting about the second 'war to end all wars'.

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