10 Awesome Kickstarter Projects For Your Smartphone

4 Kickstarter, as I'm sure many of you are aware, is a great place to look at up-and-coming tech ideas. Projects such as the Ouya, Oculus Rift, and the Pebble Smartwatch all got big after their creators plugged them on Kickstarter, and thousands of people from right across the internet pledged some money to help these ideas come to life. Before now, Joe Blogs could have all the ideas he wants, however they would never come to fruition, and all he could do is watch Apple and Samsung patent things that he once drunkenly drew on a napkin. However, thanks to Crowd Sourced funding, Joe can get the money he needs to begin his entrepreneurial journey. Here are the top 10 smartphone related Kickstarter (and a couple of Indigogo) projects that make your smartphone so much more than a mere device.

10. AR Calendar

10 The thinking behind AR Calendar is simple. You have your ordinary old wall calendar, with its pretty pictures, and you have your smartphone. Imagine if your smartphone can make your pretty calendar pictures come to life, Harry Potter style! AR is not a new concept. The idea of using devices such as smartphones or Google Glass to change what we see has been done before, however this is the first time I've seen it applied to calendars. AR Calendar on Kickstarter
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