10 Best Moments On The Joe Rogan Experience

5. Joe Teaches Bryan Callen How To Kick

Some of the most naturally funny moments on the JRE come during the Fight Companion episodes of the podcast, a less-than-serious take on MMA commentary where Joe and his friends live stream their reactions to UFC events. Though the conversation often trails off into familiar territories such as conspiracies and psychedelics. Rogan has even commented that the episodes are among his personal favourites to do and that when he retires from MMA commentating he'd like to start doing more Fight Companions for the UFC's pay-per-view offerings.

With Rogan's wealth of experience as an MMA commentator and analyst, Eddie Bravo's status as one of the worlds premier submission grappling instructors, and Brendan Schaub being a former top ten heavyweight contender in the UFC, Bryan Callen often finds himself at the receiving end of some pretty hilarious criticism for his, often actually pretty astute, fight analysis.

In this episode, Callen starts demonstrating his sidekick in front of the guys as the former taekwondo champion Rogan offers some constructive criticism. When Joe decides that Callen isn't taking his advice on board, he decides to take matters into his own hands and physically manipulates Callen in a hilarious manner in an attempt to correct his form.


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