10 Biggest Mistakes Germany Made In World War 2

Which errors by the Germans could have led to the eventual Allied victory in WW2?


World War 2 occurred between 1939 and 1945, costing an estimated 85 million lives and involving countries from every corner of the globe. Even though it seemed as though the German war machine would triumph at points, in the end the Allied forces prevailed.

The reasons why the conflict ended in the way it did has been a subject of debate and discussion in the immediate aftermath and the years since, by many minds far more qualified than mine. With the benefit of hindsight and a full view of the decisions and consequences from all sides, it is still difficult to narrow down any particular key moments where choices affected the overall outcome.

The horrendous loss of life and the dire consequences that affected not only the countries involved but the rest of the world should always remain the focus and attempting to figure out what went wrong should always be done with a view to ensuring that we never repeat these dark hours of our shared history.

With all that being said, what could be described as the biggest mistakes that Germany made during the Second World War? And how did they potentially lead to this eventual loss? Here are some suggestions.

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