10 Bloodthirsty Creatures From Global Folklore

9. Banaspati

Yama Uba Feat

In several villages across Indonesia, residents fear a creature that goes by the name of Banaspati. This monster has a humanoid form with bright red skin and pointy horns. Some describe its face as being just a skull with balls of fire floating around it. Other versions of the tale say that the creature walks on its hands and its entire body is on fire, but it never burns up.

Indonesian farmers often work throughout the night and travel homewards when the sun starts to rise. During their journey home, they are constantly on the lookout for the Banaspati who is said to live in trees and jump out unexpectedly in front of those passing on nearby footpaths. The creature then projects its floating fireballs at the terrified victim and burns everything in its path.

One way to survive a meeting with the Banaspati, is to take to your heels running once it jumps out in front of you. Take the fastest route to the nearest mosque and start praying while you are still running.


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