10 Books That Anyone Who Cares About Science Needs to Read


There's no denying that the famous scientists in history were on a different level of intellect to most of us. Sir Isaac Newton developed calculus at the ripe age of 24, Charles Darwin determined the origins of species here on Earth and Albert Einstein utilised the power of his mind to create an entirely new way of understanding gravity. Fortunately for the human race, these scientists printed their intellect within books and manuscripts so that society can marvel at their findings for generations to come. But unless you're a person that possess a complex understanding of advanced scientific concepts and mathematics, chances are these books will largely be wasted on you. So where do you go to learn about science in an accessible way that doesn't make you feel like you're back failing at school? Luckily, over the last few decades science communication to the layman has become almost as important as the complex research that makes the discoveries great. And although those books that help the everyday person learn may not have been as Earth shattering as the texts mentioned above, they allow people like you and I to take a glimpse into the cosmos through the eyes of geniuses. And that's priceless.

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