10 Celebrities Most Likely To Follow You Back on Twitter

"If you want to lead people, You must learn how to follow them.”

For most celebrities, Twitter is a one-way channel for them to tell the world what they had for breakfast and where their tour is going next. It's a sales machine more than anything - which isn't at all unanticipated, since the social network was originally designed more with business in mind than Facebook. These celebrities follow very few people back, with the likes of The Rock (8 million plus followers, just 1 person followed) ignoring the increasing importance of fan engagement, and no amount of sycophancy or obsessive attention seeking will get you a follow. With that in mind, you can consider yourself remarkably lucky if you are one of the 94 people that Justin Timberlake follows versus his 39,972,740 followers (though there are several retweets on his feed from people he does not follow back): you are basically the chosen ones. Egocentrism aside, there are several celebrities that make an effort to follow their fans back and make them feel like they are having a 2-way conversation with their favourite people rather than shouting adoring comments down an infinite dark corridor. There are some who actually indulge, and if you get your validation from famous follows, then it pays to know the entertainers with the highest following-to-follower ratio in the Twitter-sphere. If you ask these people to follow you back, you may just get a reply.

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