10 Celebrities Who Need To Make Sanity-Restoring Resolutions

Everything in moderation, Miley. Everything in moderation.

2013 seemed to be the year that just about every celebrity went a little bit crazy, from meltdowns in public and on Twitter, controversial statements and even criminal acts being reported on a daily basis. So many stars seemed to be losing it that you have to wonder if things will get even worse in 2014 - but of course, there's always some hope at the end of the tunnel. Former headline-hitting stars turned things around during the year, with Lindsay Lohan looking back on track, whilst Amanda Bynes is on the road to recovery after she spiraled out of control at the start of the year. Of course, it's not just intervention from others that can help celebs though - they can do things by themselves. If there were any that needed ideas for some resolutions to take in to the New Year, then here's a good starting point.

10. Every Once In a While, Cher Should Turn Off Twitter...

Cher may be one of the greatest things to happen, full stop, to some people... but on Twitter, she's comedy gold to everyone. Whereas we've seen some older celebrities get the hang of social media with ease, Cher just seems to take the "tweet what's on your mind" motif a little bit too far sometimes. Not only have we we had tweets like those above, but others have included the singer simply saying "Is it 29?", "Where do i find DRAFTS !" and "RT Snoopy Dance site", seemingly with no context. Whilst it is wonderful to read some of these, you also kind of feel bad when you realise that really, you're just laughing *at* Cher, rather than with her. While it might do us all well to hold off the laughter as a resolution, maybe it's also fair for everyone's sake that Cher decides to sign out every now and again, so we don't lose our minds trying to decipher anything else she posts on there!

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