10 Chilling Stories Of People Who Were Buried Alive

An unthinkable scenario many have sadly endured.


There are few things quite as awful to imagine as the notion of being buried alive.

Stuck underground in an airtight box with limited oxygen and no way to contact the outside world isn't exactly the way most of us would like to go out, given the choice. But people can and do find themselves in this situation, and while some survive - with severe mental and physical scars - most people's first grave is also their last.

From everyday citizens being placed in a coffin after a false declaration of death, to criminals holding their victims hostage deep underground, it might seem like a rare occurrence, but there are a shocking number of recorded incidents from as far back as 100 years ago, all the way up to the present day.

The fear of this happening is so great that it led to a coffin with a built-in communication device being manufactured - let's pray you never have to use one. And if you weren't scared of being buried alive already (for some reason) then these ten cases will probably turn you.


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