10 Classic Mobile Phones That Are Worth A Fortune

Neo's phone from The Matrix is worth HOW MUCH?!

Nokia 8810
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When it comes time to upgrade to the latest and greatest new smartphone, our old phones often end up at the bottom of a drawer. Over time, they are forgotten but occasionally, those drawers are opened to reveal tech treasure worth quite a lot of money.

It turns out there is not only a market for old cell phones, some are highly collectible and worth a lot of cash to the right buyer. For all you know, that old brick you happily replaced with a newer, flashier phone could be turned into some serious green.

Do you have an old Motorola or Nokia sitting around? It's possible you may be sitting on some serious cash. If you have any of these technological antiques, it may be time to fire up eBay.com and unload them onto a serious collector who can appreciate them.

10. Motorola Aura R1 ~$285 (£220)

Motorola's luxury line of phones released under the Aura line came out in 2008 with a hefty $2,000 (£1,540) price tag. The phone's unique circular display separated it from everything on the market when it was released, but few owned them due to the high cost.

For anyone who held onto theirs, it is still worth a significant amount of money to collectors. You can find them online for around $285 (£220), which isn't much but an unopened one can fetch quite a bit more.

If you bought one of these and never opened it for some reason, you might be able to get as much as $7,789 (£6,010)!

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