10 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove The Illuminati Are Real

7. They're All Over Pop Culture

Here's another thing: we've been talking about the Illuminati for centuries, but we've spent even more time inserting them into our popular culture. The idea of the New World Order has provided plenty of fodder for books, films, TV shows and games over the years, from those Barruel and Robison tracts to the plot of Dan Brown's Angels & Demons to a recurring characters in the Deus Ex titles. Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson even wrote a trilogy of novels called The Illuminatus! Trilogy in the late seventies, a cult classic (especially amongst hacker culture of the period) which weaved together a dense set of conspiracies and spiritual mumbo jumbo which, whilst mostly intended as satire, inspired a whole new generation of believers looking for clues of the Illuminati everywhere they went. And it's not like they have to look hard, since they really are everywhere. Besides the obvious references - the group themselves have shown up in the first Tomb Raider film, an episode of Gargoyles, Grand Theft Auto V, and the lyrics of an Immortal Technique song - little nods to the group's iconography (such as the floating eye in the triangle above a pyramid) have appeared in Disney films, the kid's TV show Gravity Falls, and are allegedly what Jay-Z's trademark "diamond" hand gesture is supposed to symbolise. Something which has been imitated by wife Beyonce and proteges Kanye West and Rihanna. The latter of which is probably a load of bullhockey, but the aforementioned appearances of old triangle eye? Absolutely deliberate, and once you see them in one place, you start to see them in every single place you look. See? That's the Illuminati controlling your thoughts! Sort of!
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