10 Completely Stupid Things That Everyone Does (Even If You Deny It)

Admit it, you stubbed your toe again didn't you. Same place you always do, right?

Toe Gif Human life finds away amongst a delicate, intricately woven web of customs, cultures and traditions, and the sad part is that it only makes sense because so much time and effort is spent forcing it to. In reality, your life is usually chaotic, bizarre and generally confusing. It is often only when doing something utterly ridiculous that the chaos and rampant silliness inherent to it finally shines through, which is invariably when you catch yourself doing something astonishingly stupid as if it was nothing in the world. In that respect, legendary US comedian and free thinker George Carlin was 100% right: society tries to break us down along invisible barriers like class, race, sex, sexual orientation, pay grade, politics and more besides, but the reality is really quite different and our similarities FAR outnumber our differences. Unfortunately that also means in those stupid quirks and unifying moments of numb-headedness that creep into everyday existence. With that in mind, it's possible to paint quite an oddly specific picture of some of the stupid, seemingly random things that everyone has done at least once. These are the things that unite us all; however differently you may look, feel, act or even vote, you're all just a bunch of colossal bloody idiots... And probably always will be.
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