10 Craziest Planets In The Universe

9. The Planet That Is A "Super Saturn"

Ego planet guardians of the galaxy
Tiouraren / CC BY-SA (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)

Discovered in 2012, the brown dwarf J1407b, orbits the star 1SWASP in the Centaurus constellation, 434 light years from Earth.

When astronomers were studying the star at the centre of this system, they noticed odd fluctuations in the light that they could not explain. These abnormalities showed a regular pattern, lasting 56 days at a time, which suggested it was caused by a planet.

However, the astronomers still couldn’t determine what type of planet could do this. Eventually, after years of study they determined it must be a relatively small planet, with a huge number of rings. By relatively small, this means 26 times the mass of Jupiter, thus the number of rings is much larger in size than even this.

In fact, the size of these rings are more than 640 times bigger than the rings of Saturn. This led to the exoplanet being nicknamed “Super Saturn”. This is also the only exoplanet that is thought to have a ring system.

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