10 Crazy Things That Can Get You Banned From Facebook

Facebook thinks that you're too annoying to have an account.

With a great Facebook account comes great responsibility. All you need is an email account and a non offensive name and you're pretty much able to get yourself a Facebook account. It's a great way to keep in touch with your friends, see what's going on in the world and show everyone how much you squatted at the gym; otherwise it never happened. Facebook is the place where you can chat online with your friends, have a little look at what your blind date really looks like and if you're feeling a little bit frisky, give people a little poke. It's a way that let's them know that you're thinking about them. All in all your Facebook timeline is probably pretty standard, full of couples getting engaged, pictures of new born babies and statuses of people who hate Mondays. But what do you have to do to get kicked off your sacred social media account?

10. Taking Photos Of Yourself At Weird Angles

How dare this woman have boobs and elbows, but how dare her elbows be mistaken AS boobs? That's right, this image of the perfectly innocent woman taking a photo in the bathtub got her account banned from Facebook because her elbows genuinely looked like breasts. So when you're taking a photo and uploading it onto Facebook, make sure it doesn't look rude, because rudeness isn't allowed regardless of whether it is unintentional. Facebook later apologised for this when they realised that her elbows were just elbows.
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