10 Creepy Disneyland Tales

From feral cat invasions to groping employees, Disneyland isn't all fun and games.

Disney and its parks have become an international institution over the years, a major part of almost every kind of popular entertainment today. Visiting Disneyland or Disney World is considered a rite of passage for many, and is frequently cited as a childhood highlight by adults everywhere. The first Disneyland was opened in California in 1955, and was the only one to be actually designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself. Since Disneyland's opening, there has been several other parks and resorts built worldwide, including Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disney Resort. It's safe to say that Disneyland is a worldwide phenomenon. Despite their theming, the parks aren't all fun, games and silliness though. Over the course of almost six decades, there have been numerous incidents and rumours that park officials aren't keen to shout about. From bizarre hauntings to weird visitor activity, there are many strange tales that have emanated from the home of Mickey Mouse. Featuring old legends that have been passed around for decades, along with recent tales that demonstrate some disturbing aspects of human nature, this list takes a look at some of the creepiest stories from the various Disneyland parks and resorts' history.
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