10 Deeply Disturbing Disneyland Urban Legends

Ghosts, ghouls and suicides... So much for the happiest place on Earth.

Evil Mickey Mouse

There's something about the innocent magic of Walt Disney and his parks that attracts more sinister suggestions. For some reason cynics and naysayers are all too keen to look beyond the colourful, charming exterior of his animations to look for something darker and on an odd number of occasions supernatural - thanks in part, no doubt, by the enduring myth that the animation king is frozen somewhere waiting to be reborn again.

Creepy stories dedicated to Disneyland are as well-versed and gleefully shared as any of Walt's cartoons, and stark revelations from former employees and supposedly leaked secrets from behind the scenes at the parks are hungrily gobbled up by fans who simply cannot resist the lure of the evil Disney mythology. But as is always the case with the best stories, most of the claims against the Mouse House's hugely successful parks are suspicious to say the least, and though some disturbing true stories do exist, the more outlandish ones tend to garner the most attention.

Perhaps aware of the park's reputation for supernatural events, a secondary urban legend grew out of the whispers, suggesting that the Disneyland didn't allow anyone to be declared dead while on park property, so they can preserve the sanctity of their claim that nobody had ever died in the parks. That is clearly untrue, as at least two people have been declared dead on Disney land, but it fits in with the creepy mythology built on the parks.

But then you should never let the truth get in the way of a good creepy story...

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