10 Deliciously Monstrous Food Records You Won't Believe Actually Exist

From the world's longest sausage to a sickening doner kebab, giant food is absolutely mind-blowing.

To you, food might just be the staple which keeps you from withering away until you resemble nothing more than a deflated whoopee cushion, but some people take food very seriously indeed. Instead of just throwing a chicken kiev in the oven at the end of a long day, they spend all of their time dreaming up creative recipes and new flavour combinations to dazzle their tastebuds. Of course, there's a symptom of the human condition which means that once people have started to take food incredibly seriously, they start trying to make food incredibly large. Once you have food that's being made to epic proportions, that's where Guinness World Records come in. You see, that book which you received every Christmas isn't just full of weirdos sticking clothespins on their faces and spiders so large that you may never sleep peacefully again. It's also full of the biggest, baddest and wildest food records known to mankind. If you want to make your food into a world record breaking monolith, then you'd better make it amazing. There are already thousands of oddballs out there making food which is bigger and tastier than you can possibly imagine. Everything from huge bowls of spaghetti to full sized gingerbread houses, if you can think of it normal-sized, there's someone out there who's already making it massive. Want to know the best part? Every single Guinness World Record for food has to get eaten in order to qualify. Tuck in.
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