10 Disney World Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

5. Radio Harambe

If you love Disney's Animal Kingdom, this is the podcast for you. Join Dave and Safari Mike and learn about all the latest news from the Animal Kingdom park. Animal Kingdom is about to come into its own. Come April, the park will come to life at night, with the new lights and water show Rivers of Light and the Sunset Safari begins at Kilimanjaro Safaris. Whilst in 2017, Pandora: World of Avatar opens its doors as the most existing new addition to the park in years. Each episode of Radio Harambe is typically 1 hour long and usually discusses a particular topic which in the past has been everything from a Boozer's Guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom, listener questions and Discovering Discovery Island. This podcast doesn't just bring you news from Animal Kingdom it also brings you "news from around the world", the Disney World that is. What makes this podcast so good is Mike and Dave's passion. Their enthusiasm for everything Animal Kingdom is catchy and they have a great rapport. They don't always agree on everything and this brings a balanced view to this podcast. After listening to Radio Harambe, you will never think of Animal Kingdom as a half day park again. Listen to the podcast HERE.
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