10 Disturbing History Facts They Don't Teach You In School

The craziest and most heinous facts that somehow never made the textbooks. Dare you read on?

Paul Delaroche / Public domain

History is littered with countless tales and amazing facts that have become common knowledge today. Ranging from ancient times to modern day, strange, macabre and even the most unexpected occurrences clutter our species' history. But we seldom hear about these events.

Schools will often teach a pre-approved syllabus that only gives you a general idea of what things were really like in the past, usually glossing over the overly gratuitous and gory details that befoul the narratives society wants to spin.

But knowing key dates and figures just sometimes isn’t enough. Sometimes, you need to know the crazy, brutal, and downright disturbing facts to better understand the situation at hand. As the all too cliché saying goes, “Those who don’t understand history, are doomed to repeat it”.

Often the truth can be stranger than fiction, and this sentiment is expressed no more vividly than in historical records, with anything from starkly opposing forces joining together to help defend tennis players, to soft drink companies being a potential threat to world peace all on the table.

Taking all that into consideration, here are 10 of the craziest historical facts that they don’t teach you in history class.

[Warning: some distressing imagery features in this article]


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