10 Disturbing Possessions And Exorcisms That Really Happened

More horrific than anything you've seen in the movies.

Screen Gems

We all saw Linda Blair spin her head, speak like an old man who had smoked one too many cigarettes, and bathe two priests in Nickelodeon vomit, but possessions and exorcisms are ancient and modern occurrences that go beyond anything depicted by Hollywood.

Although it’s easy to regard possessed victims as raving lunatics who were either mentally ill or attention hungry, many of history’s most famous cases involved sufferers who truly believed Satan was staining their soul and trying to drag them to Hell. Not only that, but they showed symptoms of possession more horrific than anything seen in the movies such as enjoying the taste of their urine while their bodies weighed as much as concrete.

However, while the majority of horror movies end with valiant priests banishing Lucifer back to Hell, some of reality’s most disturbing exorcisms failed and ended tragically. And sometimes houses were possessed rather than people…


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