10 Famous People Who Suffered Death By Irony

They really couldn't have predicted what happened to them.


Death is something that we all have to deal with in life. It is never less than a harrowing experience for those close to the deceased and there are so many ways that it can happen. There is simply no escaping the cold, hard grasp of the reaper.

Still, there is something a little...odd about how some of life's finales can occur. We see it in many aspects of life. Some label such events as merely coincidence, whereas others may see them as evidence of the existence of a deity or the affirmation of the concept of karma. There is even a metaphysical discussion relating to a higher power known as the Cosmic Jester, who seems to have at least a finger in the big pie of life and occasionally influences the course of events in such a way that it feels they simply cannot be put down the coincidence.

If such an entity exists, there is no doubt that it had a part to play in each of the deaths on this list. Every single person here met their end in a manner that was as oddly ironic as it was tragic, showing that even the Grim Reaper himself has a - slightly twisted - sense of humour.

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