10 Famous People You'll Be Shocked To Learn Were Total Perverts

1. Eric Gill - Incest, Paedophilia & Beastiality

The name of Eric Gill may not be one which is currently bandied around a great deal, and that is quite probably due to the same reason as to why he appears on this list. Gill was a highly acclaimed sculptor, and was recognised as such by being awarded the Royal Designer for Industry, the top achievement offered in the field of designers. He is also responsible for a number of font styles used widely in the English speaking world. But all of that has largely been swept under the rug, along with Gill himself, due to the atrocities the man committed in his lifetime. Gill's personal diaries were published in conjunction with a biography in 1989, some 49 years after his death, with no mention of his antics having been made in any earlier publication. Gill admitted to having sexually abused his own children, as well as engaging in a carnal relationship with his sister. To top off a vile act, he also confessed to have performed acts of a sexual nature on his dog. There really isn't much more you can really say to describe how utterly perverse a man has to be to attempt such things, because he really takes the crown here. Shocked by any of the entries here? If you have any additions to make, please let us know in the comments section below.

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