10 Famous Photographs That Fooled Everyone

Learn the full stories behind some of the world's most famous images.

Famous Photographers

With the dawn of the information age, it has become easier than ever before to gain knowledge about any given subject. Countless pages of detailed history are just a quick online search away, while sites like Wikipedia offer more entries than a physical encyclopaedia could ever hope to match. The internet has been a great enabler of the spread of information.

Of course, this also means that misinformation can travel just as quickly. Social media has long been the propagator of false rumours and gross exaggeration, thanks to easily sharable images and photos that aren't quite what they first appear. The camera might never lie, but the photographer certainly can.

Photoshop users are able to change photographs in an unprecedented fashion, allowing for the creation of images that barely resemble the original. Even the smallest inaccuracy in a caption can allow for an unaltered photo to be misinterpreted entirely.

This list takes a look at ten famous photos that managed to fool just about everyone. From edited images that went viral, to historically important photographs that have controversial back-stories almost nobody knows about, each of these images manage to totally subvert preconceptions.

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