10 Fascinating Facts About Twitter

Would you believe Twitter has the most active users in a country where it's banned?

It wasn't all that long ago when naughty kids used to surreptitiously pass hand-written notes around the classroom. Today, tweeting has all but taken over the way in which people communicate in short, easy to digest passages, not to mention becoming instrumental in the way in which news and information is spread across the globe.. Whether you love the simplicity of the 140 character limit or believe that it signals the end of literature and the decline of language as we know it, with millions of Twitter users on the planet there's no chance it'll disappear any time soon. Such is the ubiquity of the social media network that it's featured in several movies as a crucial component of the plot, for instance Chef and Birdman. Over 300 billion tweets have been sent since the company went live back in 2006, with over 240 million users active each month. Relationships have blossomed and fallen apart, celebrity feuds have been waged (Katie Hopkins being the reining Queen of the inappropriate and bigoted tweet) and more than a few people have lost their jobs for speaking their mind. From ridiculously prolific users to how governments use the social media platform to pursue their own agendas, here are ten things about Twitter you probably didn't know.
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