10 Fascinating Facts About Alcohol You Didn't Know

A selection of fascinating facts about booze for you to soak up with a drink in the sun.

When the sun is shining on a hot and beautiful day, there's nothing better than lounging in the garden with a nice cold beer in your hand, sipping on the suds as the cool condensation trickles down the side of the glass. The two seem to compliment each other perfectly, as reliable and familiar as after work drinks on a Friday evening. Alcohol has a long and rich history in human culture stretching back as far as we can determine - a ubiquitous presence throughout the centuries, if there's one thing that humans can be said to love more than anything else it's a good quaff of booze in its many and varied forms. In fact, so ingrained in our history and culture is alcohol that few people realise just how large a role it has played in shaping the world around us. At the same time, it manifests itself in so many varied ways that there are all manner of quirky and interesting facts surrounding it. Here are ten fascinating facts about alcohol you probably didn't know - from where familiar words originate to its impact on politics and society at large. Something to ponder over while supping a nice alcoholic beverage in the summer sun.
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