10 Goosebumps Books That Will Still Scare You As An Adult

Because being scared never gets old, even if you do.

The Goosebumps series features perhaps the most famous of R.L. Stine's "Let's Terrify The Everloving Stuffing Out Of Kids" books. Given that the target audience was mostly in primary school, the Goosebumps books couldn't get too graphic (you had to wait for high school for that stuff, when the librarian let you switch to Fear Street), but they're still responsible for more sleepless adolescent nights than clowns and dentists combined. With the Goosebumps movie due out next month, former fans may be considering re-reading their old favourites. But will they still inspire terror now that we're all grown-up? Turns out, they will... but for slightly different reasons.
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