10 Guests Who Really Couldn't Handle Hot Ones

For fans of hot questions and even hotter wi-- Wait!, where's the milk?!?

Hot Ones

Hot Ones is a series that has been broadcasting on YouTube since 2015. The show has gone on for over 5 years and 11 seasons. With a wide range of celebrity guests, host Sean Evans has interviewed rappers, comedians, actors, athletes, musicians, and food personalities.

Starting as part of the "First We Feast" YouTube channel, the show has spun off a Hot Ones game show airing on truTV. Now is a perfect time to look back through the humble beginnings of the show. Most guests have completely conquered the gauntlet of ten wings. However, the wings are not as easy as you may think and many guests have had to tap out before getting to the end.

Today we're going through ten guests who really really struggled with the heat. Shout out to DJ Khaled, who boasted so much about himself and then barely finished 3 wings...claiming he was "full".

You can watch his season one finale show if you need to hear someone philosophically say nothing for 17 minutes.

10. Gordon Ramsay

Season 8: Episode 1

Wings finished: all 10!

With almost 60 million views, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay easily has one of the most popular episodes of Hot Ones. He starts right off complaining about the over-cooked wings and is all too ready to critique the flavors. By wing four, he's giving us his method of making a perfect burger. And he's really enjoying the flavor of wing 5, but he's noticing the heat...

Gordon is feeling wing 6, and takes his first sips of milk. Heavy breathing, swearing (obviously), and the sweat has been ignited by wing 7. Now a victim of Da'Bomb, he's chugging the pepto bismol. "I'm now F***ing crying over a F***ing wing!"

He's rubbing literal limes on his lips and eating donuts, trying to alleviate the heat. Wondering if anyone has ever died, he goes for his ninth wing and is absolutely losing it, throwing the wing across the set and squirting lemon and lime juice into his mouth.

Credit where credit is due, he does finish "The Last Dab" although he drowns his wing in the lemon-lime juice first. He leaves the set before Sean can get started with his scrambled eggs instructions, realizing his next mistake in the bathroom.


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