10 Halloween Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Bet you didn't know where the witches come in...

Halloween is probably the second most popular festival around the world for children, with the first obviously being christmas (presents!), but the vast amount of candy and chocolate this time of year brings is definitely a good thing. On top of that, getting to dress up in a cool costume with mom and dad and wander the cul-de-sac asking for more candy from your neighbours makes this holiday the perfect one for little tykes dressed in their best Luke Skywalker bath robe. If that wasn't enough, they also get to stay up later than normal, watch scary films and tell scary stories! There is camping, fires, marshmellows and pumpkins to be carved into Jack O'Lanterns. But the origins of those things we love so much is often a lot darker than we tell our children... and ourselves. Case in point, Jack O'Lanterns are put on our porches to scare away a murderous spirit who tricked the Devil and was punished by God. We use pumpkins because thousands died during the potato famine, and turnips and potatoes were very hard to get, whereas pumpkins were plentiful. Trick Or Treating used to be a violent street party, that would shut down entire cities like Mardi Gras does to New Orleans these days. Don't even get us started on the druids who would burn black cats alive in the ancient festival of Samhain... Well, if you really want to know... Just click next, and find out why we really fear the dark...
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