10 Hidden Details In Disneyland You Probably Didn’t Know

Disneyland has so many hidden details among the pixie dust.


The park that started it all off is more than just your average theme park. The Anaheim-based wonderland is the original brainchild of Walt Disney and contains some of his most brilliant ideas.

Sure, the Floridian-based Walt Disney World is bigger, but the west coast Disneyland will always be Walt’s first ‘baby’. Walt was always know as a man of detail, which can be seen throughout the park as his vision started to take shape.

Disneyland hides all sorts of secrets, easter eggs and hidden-in-plain-sight wonders, including a totally edible land, hidden messages left in morse code, and the strict etiquette cast members must adhere to.

Everyone loves to be an insider, and with these little snippets of knowledge, you can squeeze that little bit of extra happiness out of your next trip to California...


10. Tomorrowland’s Edible Secret


Tomorrowland was designed to be the pinnacle of the future, where Walt could experiment with all kinds of new fangled technology and concepts most people could only ever dream of. Of course, by today’s standard the land is a little dated, but there are still some noteworthy secrets held within the forward looking land.

The real icing on the cake in Tomorrowland is that each and every plant within the area is totally edible. The motivation behind the idea was that the landscape could double as a sustainable urban farm, providing food and nutrients to communities all over the world.

There is a whole host of unnoticed fruits, vegetables and spices littered throughout the Tomorrowland gardens. You may end up getting a slap on the wrist if you start eating the Disney topiary as it is off-limits, even for visitors on the hunt for ‘secret eats’. The edible garden was designed as a blueprint for the future, rather than a buffet to those guests craving a quick snack.


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