10 Hilariously Stupid Conspiracy Theories (That People Actually Believe)

10. The Moon Isn't Real

moon hologram

Sometimes boring, only slightly crazy conspiracy theories just aren't enough for certain people. Going above and beyond the usual 'fake Moon landings' proposition, there is a small group of people that's totally convinced the entire Moon is a fabrication. The general theory appears to be that there is something behind the 'Moon', but what we see is actually just a giant hologram.

The proposed reasoning behind this giant Truman Show-esque illusion doesn't seem to have been formulated yet, but apparently it's powered by a massive electrical system. This theory doesn't even make much of an attempt to explain when this hologram came about, or if there ever was a real moon. The terrible video below purports to demonstrate an error in Moon hologram's imaging, so judge the likelihood of this conspiracy for yourself.


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