10 Historical Facts They Don't Teach You At School

Think Einstein was a genius all the time? Think again...

hail, caesar!
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School was great, wasn't it? Hardly any real responsibility, the chance to play football at least twice per day, and all that tasty cake being shovelled onto your plate for free in the canteen at lunch time. Yes, school days were the best of our lives. Well, with the possible exception of history class.

The subject itself is fascinating, so why didn't school hammer that point home? Teachers often had voices so so dull it sounded like snoring, and too often they worried too much about keeping a quiet classroom than an interested one.

Thing is, it could have been way more exciting had they engaged with young people rather than pigeon-holing 'what happened back then' as old, stuffy and boring.

If you don't think exploring the past can be fun, think again. There was more stupidity in ye olden times than you think. History didn't need to be a never-ending procession of dull rants about Appeasement.

No, the stories they didn't tell you were a little more adult...


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