10 Historical Facts You Should Know (But Probably Don’t)

Hitler: drinker of Fanta, owner of two testicles.

Hitler Fanta

History is a muddle, a maze, a mess even! It is obviously a well-studied subject but the problem is we can only go off what few sources we have (if any) tell us.

Surprisingly, we can’t just go and fact check ourselves or at least we can’t yet – who knows what the future will bring…

When it comes down to it, there are a few universally accepted facts with history and they are: your best teacher is your history teacher and most people don’t know stuff that maybe they should.

In this list, you will find a list of facts (or close enough) that are both interesting and useful, if your version of useful is having a random fact to pull out during awkward conversations or encounters.

10. Hitler Did, In Fact, Have Both Of His Balls

Hitler Baby
Wikimedia Commons, Allgemeiner Deutscher Nachrichtendienst - Zentralbild

I know, I know. We like to think of Hitler with some issues with his height of his manhood, just like we did with Napoleon or any other little sod who threatened our Blighty. Patriotism aside, Hitler was actually about 5 foot 7, which coincidentally is my height and I’m telling you: IT’S AVERAGE HEIGHT, OKAY?!

Hitler had way worse issues than the sum of his reproductive glands though, he was far more concerned with getting his next ‘hit’. From records and testimonies, it is generally accepted that Hitler was probably a raging (in more ways than one) junkie. Uppers, downers, lefts, rights – you name it and he was having it injected. Perfectly average height Adolf was fed a cocktail of drugs by his personal physician, Theodor Morell, for several years.

Morell was trusted by Hitler, even if he wasn’t by anyone else. It is said that he was practically always by Hitler’s side ‘assisting him’ with every task but really he was waking him up with injections of methamphetamine, providing him with cocaine during the day and helping him to relax and sleep on an evening with opiates. The Germans have historically been good pharmacists and invented many of the medications we frequently take but perhaps this interest in drugs was taken a tad too far.

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