10 Historical Figures You Might Find At A Gatsby Party

A crazy cocktail of Gangsters, Actresses and Eloping Evangelists.

The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald€™s 1925 novel The Great Gatsby was published to great acclaim at the height of The Roaring Twenties. Today the book is still regarded as a literary classic and has been widely adapted into films, ballets and even computer games.

The novel paints a vivid picture of 1920€™s New York, a world inhabited by flappers, moonshine and wild parties. A central part of the book€™s plot revolves around the extravagant parties thrown every weekend by Jay Gatsby in which people from all areas of society went to drink, dance and €˜mingle€™. The character of Gatsby is an eccentric and mysterious man whose obsession for his lost love, Daisy, drove him to become a self made millionaire in a strategically orchestrated bid to impress her. Gatsby€™s parties were all thrown in the hopes that Daisy would one day walk through the door.

The parties were wild and decadent and all were welcome. Each weekend a mass migration of all manner of different types of people from central New York to Gatsby€™s gigantic house would occur.

This article takes a collection of 10 real life historical figures who you might have found at one of the Great Gatsby€™s parties, a crazy cocktail of Gangsters, Actresses and Eloping Evangelists.


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