10 Hollywood Actors Who Married Superfans

Apparently, dreams actually do come true.

Living in an age practically obsessed with the lives and habits of the rich and famous, even the most minor of celebrity warrants a certain amount of column inches. Even the average Joe using Reality TV or YouTube as a vehicle to grab their slice of fame leaves us wanting to know the ins and outs of everything they do, even if only for fifteen minutes. If these semi-famous Z-listers occupy the first rung of the ladder to celebrity royalty, then it€™s the Hollywood actors who sit atop it as kings and queens. The marriage of two big industry names is something akin to the joining of two royal houses, strengthening their claim on the Kingdom that is Hollywood, and it€™s something we love to see. Celebrity super-couples have long ruled the roost, from the early days of Desilu (Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball, in case you€™re scratching your head) to the powerhouse that was Bennifer, all the way to the current reign of Brangelina. But not every actor chooses to merge their name and power with another. In fact, some do something totally crazy and marry an average citizen. From obsessive schoolgirls to crazy-lucky waitresses, doting personal assistants to peeping cameramen, these fans saw their chance to shoot for the stars and took it with both hands. Here are 10 Hollywood actors that bucked the trend and married superfans...


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