10 Horrifying Animal Facts You Really Don't Want To Know

Two words : "Traumatic Insemination"

There aren't many decent humans on this planet that wouldn't consider themselves an animal lover: dogs are man's best friend and "swimming with dolphins" is an un-ticked box on many people's dream bucket list. But did you know that some dolphins violently gang rape females for weeks at a time, and have been known to kill their own babies? Yeah, you can put a cross through that empty box and unpack your snorkel now. This is the real, brutal world of the animal kingdom; and not all creatures want squishes or a red dot to pounce on. Evolution is a cruel mistress, and sometimes things turn very, very dark. Some animal behaviours, however, cannot be explained through survival or evolutionary practice - which leaves us wondering just how psychotic the natural world really is, and how much other stuff we don't know. The facts that follow are quite frankly upsetting, and you probably don't want to hear them. But if we've learnt one thing about ourselves, it's that curiosity always gets the better of us; no matter how disturbing things get...
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