10 Incredible Inventions Which Could Change The Future Of The Planet

Harry Potter isn't the only person with a cloak of invisibility...

If there was ever a time in human history which demonstrated the validity of Moore's Law, that time is now. Moore's observation of exponential technological improvements in computing hardware can be seen more broadly in a diverse range of fields of research. It's a cliched expression but it's hard not to feel that the future is now - gadgets featured in science fiction movies just a few years ago are a reality, and before long will be rendered obsolete by new emerging technologies ad infinitum. Some of this tech might enhance the way in which we allow media to entertain us, while others could have the capacity to improve our health or, conversely, destroy the planet. The internet era has opened up whole new possibilities when it comes to sharing research and ideas, and a great deal of the cutting edge is often funded by the general public through crowdfunding campaigns or released as open source to allow for a wide variety of input. In this sense, we're living in a time of incredible progress never before seen in the history of mankind. From revolutionising the way in which we travel the planet to new technology with the potential to integrate humans with machinery, here are ten incredible inventions which could potentially change the future of the planet.

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