10 Incredible Ways People Faced Up To Their Own Death

Last wish before your execution? To command your own firing squad.

Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks
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"How would you react if faced with almost certain death?" It is a question that every person avoids trying to think about, but from time to time they can't.

Most people will never have to actually face up to death because the likelihood is they will die when they least expect it. But for military personnel, for pilots of aircraft and for crewmen on a ship, this is a question that they must think about and face up to on an almost daily basis. The very nature of each of those jobs brings their own mortality into constant doubt.

History has provided numerous examples of humans who have cowered in the face of death - almost certainly the most natural and common reaction - yet there have also been those who have dealt with their own mortality head on.

From captains and commanders honourably going down with their own vessels in a chivalric manner, to soldiers facing up to their enemies and fighting to the death during battle, certain figures have performed a valiant last stand when forced to confront their own mortality.

Here are 10 examples of the most honourable and most courageous ways in which people have faced up to death throughout human history.

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