10 Incredibly Creepy Unexplained Disappearances

The truth is probably out there. Somewhere.

There's little that spikes the interest of the media-following masses more than a bizarre disappearance that cannot be immediately explained. At the time of writing, search parties from a variety of countries are looking for any evidence of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, the latest of such eerie vanishings. The reason we're so intrigued by the disappearance is simple; something that big, packed with that many people should not be allowed to just jump out of existence, it's an affront to logic and the laws of physics. This is far from the first such example: history has been littered with disappearances of a similar nature, albeit not on such an enormous scale, and while we can speculate and offer what would appear to be the most fitting explanation for the mysteries, these explanations very much remain speculation, as no proof has ever been found to definitively provide an answer to any case. So whilst we're not necessarily telling you that ghosts, aliens and wormholes definitely exist, we're saying that the truth could indeed be out there, and if it is, it's reaching out and snatching people from the face of the Earth with no regard for the sanity of conspiracy theorists everywhere.

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