10 Infamous Occultists With Terrifyingly Creepy Obsessions

Who;d have thought Satanists would be so weird?

Not all Occultists are evil. They are certainly not all Satanic either. People from all nationalities and religions study the Occult, including Christians. The word Occult, derives from its Latin root Occultus, meaning secret. Therefore pursuing a deeper understanding of the Occult's strange mysteries is to take a quest for the hidden, not the sinister. It is, however, invariably tied to some hair-raising ritual magick, which has existed since ancient Sumeria and the dawn of man. Through the millennia, several clandestine groups have met in lodges to share their secret knowledge and perform rituals. During World War II, these lodges were at their zenith in Europe until the Nazis began to systematically wipe them out in favor of their own SS movement. Even Britain, always a fan of her spies, sought to understand Hitler's motives by also dabbling in the dark arts. Although several magicians escaped it would be many years before the Occult would experience a revival in 1960s America. While not all magicians studying the Occult may be evil, there is no denying that several of the Occult's themes are horrifying. For example, one book known as The Lesser Key of Solomon contains the rituals necessary to summon forty demons. Some of these rituals can last up to six months and call for blood sacrifice. People have been killed to keep the details of this book a secret. Whether it was power, witchcraft, human sacrifice, or Satan, the following ten people are Occultists who took their dark obsessions to the extreme, from the nightmarish to the downright evil.
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Adolf Hitler
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