10 Italians Who Have Secretly Changed The World Forever

Bungabunga2 Surprisingly enough, Italy has contributed more to the world than just Assassin's Creed and bunga-bunga parties. Sure, there were Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Fellini who have frequently been buffeted in a sandstorm of reverence for the feats they've accomplished. But by citing merely a handful of names €“ mainly out of ignorance €“ we commit an injustice against every Italian who has ever done anything in this world. Hence here's a list that bestows recognition on ten Italians who've changed the world, without most of us being any the wiser about it.

10. Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano Mugshot 1931 This goodfella is the reason why Mario Puzo, Al Pacino and Martin Scorsese created such glorious careers through fictionalizing the mafia. He was why the mafia existed in the first place. Mr. Luciano was responsible for almost single-handedly architecting the growth of organized crime in America. Born in Sicily, Luciano moved to America at the age of nine. He indulged in crimes that ranged from racketeering, prostitution to drug trafficking. His dead soul claims credit €“ which FBI duly grants him - for the formation of the Five Families in New York and also for the creation of the mafia Commission in the US. And for a man who's done so much in the world of crime, it's surprising how little the world knows about him.
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