10 Manliest Things You Can Do In Life

7. Shave With An Axe

So after weeks of abuse disguised as friendly banter, you've decided that the beard must die. Maybe you couldn't take the panic in peoples faces as they mistook you for Charles Manson, or maybe your face just itches constantly. But how can you remove your beard but keep your manhood? Simple, shave with an axe of course. Sure you could use a four blade polymer and mineral oil lubricated bean cushion of a razor. Or you could use, you know, an axe. Popular amongst 1930s axe salesmen showing off the sharpness of their wares, the axe is not just for felling trees or for yelling "Here's Johnny" whilst breaking through the door of a haunted hotel and terrorising your wife. However, were you contemplating trying this one at home with your old man's wood chopper, a word of warning. You will catch an infection and/or cleave half your face off. Enjoy.

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