10 Massive Companies With Unbelievably Similar Logos

How awkward.

It's staggering how much money the world's largest corporations will put into the marketing materials they establish throughout their operations. The Super Bowl alone is an event that shows you just how much money huge brands are willing to spend in order to reach a huge audience (millions of dollars for a mere 30 second commercial, for instance). Despite all of that, some of the most massive brands in the world still develop logos that are a little less than unique. Sure, there are countless logos coming out of the woodworks every year, but it's still frustrating to see large companies sharing what appears to be exactly the same logo, despite the amount of money they presumably put into the creative work. From CNN and the FDA, to even Barack Obama's campaign slogan, here are just 10 of the most fascinating logos to bear a resemblance to one another. Were they simply copied, or is it all just a bizarre coincidence? We'll let you decide. Let the countdown begin...
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