10 Mind-Blowing Theories About Death

Death is only the beginning (unless it's really, really not).

Sorry if this news ruins your day, but... you are going to die. One of the differences between human beings and other animals is that from a young age we know that we're going to die, which, as Community€™s Professor Duncan tells us, results in "something." What is that something, though? Throughout history there have been many different theories from a wide array of people, including scientists, religious leaders and everyone in between. Many of these theories involve some type of afterlife. Stories of heaven or some existence after this one is meant to comfort people because death is terrifying to most of us. Such fears mainly stem from the fear of the unknown. People want to know what€™s in the great abyss that will consume them and everyone they love. Can you blame them? With advancements in computers and physics, there have been some new mind blowing theories about what reality and consciousness really are, however. Taking that new information, philosophers have been coming up with new ideas as to what will happen when we take to the big sleep€ if life really exists and you were really alive in the first place, that is. Here are 10 theories that may settle or exacerbate those fears about the unknown...

10. You'll Be Excreted

toilet One theory that has been around for decades is that the universe is actually just a giant brain. It could be just one brain in one being, or the universe could be a brain in a vat, surrounded by other brains. That would make our solar system similar to a brain cell, making us an insignificant speck to the brain. Everything in human history is nothing more than a microscopic blip in the grand scheme of things. What does it matter what death means on that scale? Well, since it€™s an integral part of our life, it is important to humans to understand. What happens if we are just part of a brain? Well, the same thing that happens with dead cells, humans excrete them through the waste we create. So, once you die, your consciousness would be used up and then pushed out of the universe, into wherever the Universe puts its waste. Where or what is that? Well, that€™s just too mind boggling (and possibly too depressing) to contemplate.
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