10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Alternate Realities Are Real

9. Weird Artefacts

Here's some more science for you. There are actually a significant number of artefacts, found through archaeological digs or otherwise, that nobody can explain the origins of. The sort of dusty leftovers from old civilisations that usually crop up at such occasions, except experts can't pin point where they actually came from. Carbon dating doesn't work, they're unfamiliar to any particular period of history, whatever. There's the London hammer, found in the thirties but dated back to 500 million years ago €“ before human life began, so far as scientists have been able to ascertain. Or the infamous Antikythera mechanism, a sort of stone computer found near a Greek island that nobody can explain. So what's with all these weird things? Are they simply artefacts from eras and civilisations that were never recorded, and thus fell down the cracks of the annals of history? Are they some sort of leftover from time travellers? Are they forgeries? Or could they (and you might see where this is going) be some sort of object from an alternate reality that somehow slipped through into ours?
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