10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Time Travel Exists

8. Scottish Time-Slip

Drem Airfield

Sir Robert Victor Goddard was a senior commander in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War, who is best known for his later appearances in pop culture, including the fifties movie The Night My Number Came Up - based on a bizarre incident in his career which was characterized with bizarre incidents - and his later years spent investigating, and lecturing on, flying saucers.

Before all of that weirdness started up, however, he was simply an RAF pilot with a pretty impressive war record, fighting in both the First and Second World Wars. Between them he was selected to read engineering at Jesus College, Cambridge and then studied at Imperial College London. So you know he was pretty smart. In 1935 he became deputy director of intelligence at the Air Ministry, so presumably he was of sound enough mind for the British government. Which might not be saying much but, well, we're just setting up what a credible source he was before we get into the weird stuff.

According to the book Time Travel: A New Perspective by JH Brennan, Goddard suffered his own time-slip whilst flying over the former Royal Air Force station Drem Airfield. Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain literally stumbled into another period of history, whilst Goddard flew into it. Hot damn. Having left the disused airfield near Edinburgh, and having found it to be in a dilapidated state with cattle grazing on grass that had forced through cracks in the tarmac, he ran into some trouble on the flight home and decided to fly back to Drem to get his bearings.

Upon his return, the heavy rain abruptly changed to bright sunlight, the airfield was in full working condition and mechanics in blue overalls were presiding over four yellow planes on the runway - none of which Goddard recognised, despite his vast aviation experience. He didn't land. He just kept on and never spoke of the incident to anybody. Four years later, the RAF started painting their planes yellow, and the mechanics' uniforms were switched to blue.

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