10 Most Emotional Joe Rogan Experience Moments

10. Elon Musk Advocates For Change

Elon Musk's appearance on the JRE will be forever remembered for the Tesla CEO taking a drag on a joint, and the implications that for his company's stock, and the wild overreactions to a grown man enjoying a completely legal substance in the wider media.

Which is a total shame, because despite some awkwardness in the early going of the episode, episode #1169 of the JRE is an interesting back-and-forth and offers a fascinating insight into the mindset of one of the world's true visionaries.

While Musk has certainly established himself as a somewhat polarising figure for some of his actions and statements throughout the years, it's impossible to argue that he doesn't wholeheartedly believe that his ideas could benefit humanity.

This was evident during his conversation with Rogan, as Musk stresses the necessity for radical change in order to ensure a sustainable future for the planet.

While the emotion in this entry may not be as overt as others in the list, this episode deserved inclusion for the passion in which Musk talks about humanity's effect on the planet.


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