10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World

Phones featuring bling, black diamonds and T-Rex bones...

A lot of people complain about today's smartphones being absurdly expensive, pointing the finger at devices like the $800 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or the $950 iPhone 6 Plus. Normally, these complaints will be accompanied by outdated points like "I just use mine for phone calls and texts" or "it looks just the same as any other phone". Well, back off people (but please keep reading)! Throwing those arguments around is like having a problem with people willing to break the bank for a new camera lens or a new pair of jeans. To the average person, there may be no superficial difference in the product quality, but the camera nerd or the jeans geek - if there is such a thing - will appreciate the nuances of groundbreaking technology and quality design. But there is such a thing as going too far. When the price of a phone explodes to thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars on account of being embellished with gleaming precious stones, it becomes more than a fashion statement, it becomes an "I have so much money that it's obliterated my sense of good taste" statement. So as you're reading this list of the world's most ludicrously expensive smartphones, feel free to bemoan the injustice of the world and the stupefying effects of extreme wealth, all the while being pricked with envy that there exist people who can afford such insanely pointless gadgets.
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