10 Most Popular Tweets Of 2015


More than 320 million people actively use Twitter every month, ranging from the little people of the world to well known celebrities and sports personalities. A few of them actually post profound things sometimes. It's great. Inevitably, it's the famous and the beautiful people who are the most followed rather than the most intelligent or the most insightful: such is the cult of celebrity. Even when their accounts are run by teams of "social managers", fans lap up their every endorsement or selfie like there's no tomorrow. Although Twitter turns 10 next year, 2015 saw the likes of Antonio Banderas, Diana Ross, Brooklyn Beckham and even President Barack Obama join the tweeting world. But who, out of all the millions of users, has typed the most popular 140 character tweet of 2015?

10. Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner's very first tweet received more than 260,000 retweets.

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