10 Most Violent Pirates In History

Warning: This content is not for the squeamish.


By its very nature, piracy isn't an occupation that tends to attract the kindest of souls. After all, at the very least, theft is an essential part of the gig. However, for many pirates, stealing was hardly the worst atrocity committed. Murder, rape, and other acts of violence were often a part of this extremely dangerous lifestyle.

That being said, even in an occupation filled with unsavory characters, there were some men and women whose dastardly deeds made them stand out. There were sea captains who were so wicked that the public is still in awe of their violent crimes, hundreds of years after their deaths.

While many, if not most, old-time pirates preferred to capture their loot with as little violence as possible, others had no problem murdering their victims at will. In fact, some even seemed to enjoy killing and torturing those who were unfortunate enough to become their captives.

There are ten legendary pirates, in particular, whose reputation for cruelty has helped keep their memory alive to this day. Let's take a look at some of the most ruthless individuals ever to set sail.


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